Economic Attrition & the Outcome of the War…

Economic or industrial attrition has been the deciding factor in many wars. Will the Russia Ukraine war be any different?

Peter Winn-Brown


A German made Leopard 2 tank
The fearsome German-made Leopard 2 tanks have long been sought by the Ukrainians. It seems agreements have been reached and both Leopards and US Abrams tanks may finally be on their way, though the timeline for actual delivery may be a bit dicey for the Ukrainians. Image by MICHAEL SOHN/AP in The Times.

In 1941, as Hitler’s German troops ran all before them as they stormed across Europe and North Africa, Churchill pleaded with Roosevelt for America’s intervention before it was too late. Churchill explained that unless the United States took “more advanced positions now, or very soon, vast balances may be tilted heavily to our disadvantage.”

But the American people remained unconvinced, secure in their oceanic isolation and assumed invulnerability that they could last out the war untouched by Europe’s chaos.

Until the tragedy of Pearl Harbor brought reality crashing down onto American shores.

And everything changed from that moment forward.

Russian soldier stands in rubble & takes a photo on his phone of the destruction of Mariupol.
A Russian soldier takes a photo in the aftermath of the destruction of Mariupol. “Hey look Ma! See what I’ve done!”

“Victory! For you we fought for almost 4 years, and now we will never give you up for anything, for anyone.”

RedStar Newspaper in the USSR,1945.

Putin’s grave miscalculation…

Crimea is our land, our territory, our sea, and our mountains. Give us your weapons and we will bring our land back,” said President Zelensky this past week, as he once again vowed to take back all territory occupied and claimed by Russia.

In response Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, again predictably waved the only weapon the Russians have left; their nuclear bombs, when he once again threatened Europe saying that if Ukraine attacked Crimea it would be “extremely dangerous,” and would raise the conflict “to a new level that will not bode well for European security.

This in some way backed up what the increasingly unhinged and hawkish Dmitry Medvedev, Putin’s deputy head of the national security council, who had warned a few days earlier that any Russian defeat in Ukraine would inevitably lead to nuclear war.

And all this as Putin scoffs at the effect Western sanctions have had on the Russian war…



Peter Winn-Brown

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