The End of the West; the Rise of the Rest.

Is the war on Gaza is the final physical manifestation of Western colonialism; the last gasp of white supremacy & the end of Western global dominance?

Peter Winn-Brown
20 min readOct 31, 2023
Grazing animals in the hills of the occupied West Bank is no longer possible for Palestinians without risking life and limb.
Grazing in the occupied West Bank from May this year. This is no longer possible without being arrested, shot, or killed. Image from Jewish Currents.

“Morality is a body of principles and rules which must be applied in every realm of human activity: in family life as in business, in art as in politics. Moral laws determine the exact limits which the private citizen and the public official, the artist and the merchant, cannot exceed if he wishes his deeds to benefit both himself and others; if he wishes to contribute to the order of the world rather than its destruction.”

Guglielmo Ferraro, Machiavelli and Machiavellism, Foreign Affairs, 1939.

The flailing West turns its back on Human Rights…

As Palestinians die needlessly in droves, victims of an over zealous drive for revenge, democratically elected Western leaders ignore the will of the people who gave them their power to wage a duplicitous, hypocritical war by proxy; perhaps the most breathtakingly duplicitous war in modern history, by propping up an apartheid regime and its racist agenda against a people they name and treat as ‘animals,’ and all in what they say is the cause of ‘right over wrong,’ ‘good over…



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